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Looking for a way to manage your accounting efficiently from scratch and accessible from anywhere? Then you have come to the right place, because we offer you a first-class solution for your online accounting.

Having seen how easy to use accounting can have a positive effect on the success of small businesses, we knew that we wanted to offer such a product to our customers. As a result, we analysed the market and included what we considered to be the best option in our offer.

Our accounting software offers you full privacy, because your finances are always under your control. You can either store your finances on your own server which is only accessible to you, or you can host the software with our business package for $7.99/month plus a one-time setup fee of $49.99.

Unlike accounting firms, you get the whole package - not just a service - which you can use without restriction in the way you want or as it suits your business needs. The difference is like a rental car (service) and your own car (software).

Akounting key features

  • Client portal

Create customers and send them invoices. You can also set up a password for them to access the customer portal. So you both are always on the same level for all transactions.

  • Invoicing

Make a professional impression by sending personalized invoices to your customers. Also Online payments can be accepted without any commission/transaction fees.

  • Expense tracking

You can create and manage your bills. This way you always have an overview of your expenses and know which invoices are to be paid when.

  • Reporting

View your financial data online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile phone. Detailed financial reports help you visualize all the information you need to improve your business.

  • Vendors & Inventory

In addition to tracking inventory and managing your own goods and consumables. You can create suppliers, assign invoices and payments. This makes it easy to filter all of your transactions.

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What this Accounting Software offers

Cloud-based for multiple users

The accounting software provided by us offers a mobile, tablet-capable and multilingual (34 languages) user interface and can be hosted by itself or cloud-based. Multi-user login & role-based access allows multiple authorized users to work with it. 

In addition to your employees, customers can access relevant processes from anywhere in the world via the customer portal. This makes the software ideal for small and medium sized companies that work with international employees. Keyword: virtual assistance.

Advanced, professional and time-saving

Advanced customer, supplier, order and inventory management enable professional accounting. This makes running a business simple, fast and efficient. Deposits, transfers and invoices are clearly displayed and can be managed with just a few clicks. 

By using this modern accounting software, you can spend the time that you used to spend on complicated accounting tasks with tasks that bring you more turnover and earnings. Or with things that you enjoy more.

Efficient accounting

The simple and intuitive operation enables you to spend more time on more productive tasks instead of paperwork and impress your customers even more with the professionalism of your invoices and timely billing. Invoices can be created in different currencies and in a few seconds. 

As a result, payment processing is faster and you can post incoming payments to the credit side of your accounts in a timely manner.

Well equipped for expansion

Are you on an expansion course and want to expand your business? This scenario is also possible due to the possibilities of managing several companies and several bank accounts. You can integrate different payment gateways and email accounts. 

Functions for project management, expense management as well as personnel administration and payroll of your employees complete the software package.

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How to get your Accounting online

Business Hosting plus Accounting

  • There is no single-click Akaunting installation
  • The Akaunting Setup can be ordered with a server or with the Business hosting plan for a one-time fee of $49.99

Ordering the setup

  • Please order the setup for the Business plan in the second step.
  • After we have received the setup fee, we will contact you within 24 hours and a few minutes later the software is installed on your web space

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