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Host your Human Resource Management

This powerful human resource management (HR) system is a feature-rich application software designed to meet the needs of managers and employees. It is easy to configure and provides everything to manage your HR processes.

The cloud-based HRM software is fairly easy to put into operation thanks to its intuitive user interface. It is suitable for small and medium-sized companies and can be used in a wide range of industries, even though many variables have to be taken into account.

Many features such as Time Management, Time tracking, Vacation Management, Personnel Management, Analytics, Recruitment, Background Check, Service Desk performance evaluation are available to facilitate the HR process of your company. The software enables you to optimise your hiring processes and to deploy and manage your employees efficiently.

You can either host your HR department on your own server, or we can install the software on a shared hosting package on one of our servers with our Business Package for $7.99/month plus a one-time setup fee of $49.99.

HR Management key features

  • Recruitment Management

The Applicant Tracking and the background check provides support when hiring employees. Users can use this tool to track the status of applicants from the job posting to the hiring decision.

  • Employee Profiles & Data

Capture your employees' data and their skills in order to use them efficiently according to their qualifications, as well as roles for different employee groups within your company.

  • Performance Management

The performance appraisal module enables managers to build their own appraisal process and to assess the performance of employees over a certain period of time.

  • Employee Self Service Portal

Eliminate time-consuming administration and paperwork by allowing employees to access and change information about them via the employee portal.

  • Time & Attendance Management

With the Time Off Management you have a central overview of your employees' vacations at any time and can therefore reliably plan the available working hours.

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What this HR Management Solution offers

Effective employee administration

With Human Resource software in the cloud, both you and your employees always have access to all personnel-related data. No matter what your current location and of course the location of your employees is not relevant. The software helps to keep everything concerning the employees on the screen.

The Cloud software can be adapted to the needs of your company and with just a few clicks you can then manage your employees. Once the employee data has been entered, you have a basis for managing them effectively. It allows you to track employee performance, their roles, as well as their vacation data and much more.

Time recording and holiday management

The time recording system makes the work in an HR department much easier. The software helps to generate individual reports like time sheets with different parameters and to send them for approval. 

Multiple approval for resource requests, interviews and vacation automates processes can reduce the workload by half. Options such as the centralized vacation overview make it easy for organizations and HR departments to keep track of all employees' absences. 

This also applies to additional working hours, which can be efficiently planned with the integrated time management module.

Analyses and staff development

With a wide range of functions you can define long and short-term goals. With comprehensive analyses, you set the course for your company's success and maximize your company's performance.

You have the ability to view user activities, turnover rates, employees by department and other important findings in a user-defined report form and export it as an Excel or PDF file for further processing.

Based on the performance assessment module, you can evaluate the performance of your employees. Managers can define future training needs, give employees a measure of objectives and performance feedback, and make suggestions for improvement. 

Employee self-service portal

Policy documents, such as policy documents or employee handbooks, can be set and managed in the employee self-service portal. Documents can be organized by category and uploaded individually or in batches of multiple documents. 

Every employee can log on to the system's self-service portal and access, update, and plan his or her free time or vacation without special training. In addition, the previously posted documents can be viewed by everyone, so that everyone involved has access to the same information.Analyses and staff development.

Employees have the opportunity here to submit self-assessments and comments for their team leaders, submit requests or suggestions for improvement and report incidents.

How to host your HR Management

Business Hosting plus HR Management

  • There is no single-click HR Management installation
  • The Setup of the HR Management can be ordered with a server or with the Business hosting plan for a one-time fee of $49.99

Ordering the setup

  • Please order the setup for the Business plan in the second step.
  • After we have received the setup fee, we will contact you within 24 hours and a few minutes later the software is installed on your web space

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