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Link building or backlink building is one of the most sensitive topics in search engine optimization, because link building is an extremely important factor. The term comes from OffPage optimization or Off-Page SEO. 

Linkbuilding refers to a process for obtaining external links, i.e. the intentional increase of links to other websites. These are incorporated into the SEO and influence the ranking of a website. In the long term, link building increases the visibility of a website, which then leads to a better ranking and thus to more visitors.

Links from websites with a high "Pagerank", i.e. websites that have a great reputation in the "eyes" of Google, are considered particularly valuable. However, uncontrolled link building can also have a negative influence on a page. For example, if you create too many links too quickly. It is therefore worth investing some time in link building.

Get your website a better rangking

Submit your website to 4000 different search engines

We submit your website or the backlink(s) to the major search engines.

The 4000 search engines and directories we submit your website to are not ALL "Top Rated", but of course the most important search engines like "Google", "Bing" and "Alexa" are included!

The method is very popular with SEO specialists and works by submitting your website to many Whois and statistics sites and also to the search engines themselves, which results in multiple backlinks.

Some search engines may take about a week to index your website. So please don't expect "instant results" and be patient a bit until our work results in a better ranking.

  • Within 5 days after your order you will receive a full report
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